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HydroStrat is the premier water solution company of Williston Basin in North Dakota and Montana.

Founded in 2018, HydroStrat offers state-of-the-art waste water services to support American energy companies and reduce their operating costs. Our mission is to provide the most competitive rates in the industry and to do so with both outstanding customer service and a standard of accountability that is unmatched by our competitors.  We work closely with our customers to create individualized solutions that meet their specific production and disposal needs.


HydroStrat utilizes private and leading-edge geologic research to accurately place saltwater disposal wells (SWDs) to maximize injection rates. By implementing our front-end expertise, we are able to provide our customers with more innovative disposal solutions at a fraction of our competitor's costs. HydroStrat also vows to minimize its environmental impact and to maintain a healthy and safe community.


We pride ourselves on our ability to identify, adapt, and manage difficult situations while maintaining professionalism and keeping our customers at the front of our minds. We accept nothing less than being the best which we accomplish by being younger, faster, and hungrier than our competition.



HydroStrat specializes in ultra-cost-efficient saltwater disposal (SWD) wells and flexible financing/contract options that will save oil and gas operators millions of dollars per drilling unit per year.  The current practice of selecting salt water disposal well locations has been largely unchanged for 40 years and there is considerable room for improvement.  Using advanced geologic mapping, as well as innovative drilling & completions techniques, we can substantially improve the economics of salt water disposal wells. 



In areas with exceptionally high produced water volumes and/or limited economic disposal options, HydroStrat can reduce operator’s Lease Operating Expenses by 10% or more.  We give operators a competitive edge over their peers by expanding the boundaries of their economic acreage which increases their drilling inventory. 

Young and Happy


HydroStrat has consciously chosen to not compete with the majority of midstream companies who run high-volume and low-margin strategies.  Instead, we will focus on projects in areas where our competitors struggle to break even (or are losing money).  Our geologic and drilling methods will produce high NPV projects where competitors cannot sustain a reduction in price.  Our wells will deliver 3 to 5 times the average performance for only 50% more cost, yielding a 100% increase in capital efficiency.

The HydroStrat Advantage
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Meet The Founder

Curtis Johnson

Founder, Geologist

Curtis is a licensed Professional Geologist in the State of Texas and has held numerous positions within the oil & gas industry over the last 5 years.  He has steered over 30 wells in addition to working as a development and exploration geologist.  He has mapped, planned, and drilled 6 successful out of 6 attempted Salt Water Disposal wells in North Dakota.  Curtis holds a B.S. in Geology from Lamar University, a M.S. in Geology from Rice University, and an MBA from Rice University.

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